Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sec1 Maths Performance Task Reflection

Statistics are very important in real-life .

Business men cannot do business without statistics . Statistics can be used is various ways , such as helping people understand consumer’s behavior , knowing what they like and don’t like through research and conducting surveys . Statistics help accountants get the exact value of the money . Without statistics , Accounting is impossible .

Statistics can be used to make predictions based on raw data , it also helps in drawing valid inference, along with a measure of their reliability about the population parameters from the sample data. For example if the statistics shows that the amount of people buying product A is decreasing , then the quantity of product A being produced will decrease as time passes . Statistics help accountants get the exact value of the money . Without statistics , Accounting is impossible .

Statistics also helps in education . For example if someone is planning for the activities and methods of learning a certain topic , they can conduct a survey and if the statistic shows that more students like plan A , the person will then use plan A . We , as students , can also use the statistics to do our work and find the mean , median and mode for a certain question that we are working on . The methods of science are most reliable but conclusions drawn from them are only anticipated, because they are based on incomplete evidence. Statistical helps in describing these measurements more precisely. When conducting experiments , statistical methods are used to analyze the experiment’s results .

Housewives can also gain from using statistics . For example they can look at their utility bills and see in which area can they cut down on so that they can save some money for the family . When cooking , they can look at statistical showing that shows which ingredient is healthier and they can thus use that to cook healthier meals .

Statistics are also important when we are researching on a topic . Taking this performance task as an example , without the statistics , we would not be able to come up with a conclusion whether the buses are arriving on time .

So, without statistics , life around the world would be disastrous !

Statistics taken from different places can benefit different people .

Statistics taken from the newspaper can benefit the people who do not have time to watch the television or the computer but are interested in the different topics . For example if someone wants to find out about the Japan Earthquake , they can read the news paper and find out how many casualties were involved in the Japan Earthquake .

Statistics taken from the computer can benefit people who work almost all the time in the office .

We spilt up the work within our group members such that the two of us who stays in the West will gather information on the bus services in the West zone and the other two who stays in the North will gather information on the bus services in the North zone . Since there are two people who are in charge of one zone , the 5 bus services will be split between the two of us . The strengths of our group is that we are very cooperative and we are very on-task . When one another meets any difficulties , the others will try their best to help that person . My roles are to gather information on 2 of the bus services in the West . I also had to organise the poster and contributed to how we should design the poster . Some challenges we faced are that we were quite short of time so we did not really know who would do which role and could not split the roles equally so some people ended up having more roles than the others . If I could do this task again , I would spent more organising our roles and planing our task before doing it .

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